Not all those who wander are lost. – J.R.R Tolkien

Ever experienced that feeling of waking up one day and realized that you just don’t know what you’re doing with your life? You have all these goals for yourself, but it seemed like fate conspired against you and took you the other way around?

Every one of us wants to find our purpose in this world. I  have even gone lengths just to find it. More so, I even lost someone so important for me to realize that I have to be thankful for everything that goes my way.

I was once walking on a rough road. There were times where frustrations and disappointments were eating my very soul. However, despite the loss and the constant process of self-healing, I learned to love myself, to appreciate even the smallest of things, to be grateful.

I can’t say that I’m a whole lot better now. I believe I’m still trying to find myself, to find that ‘thing’ that would define me. And with a happy heart, I know I’m getting there and I believe I’ll get there… someday.

Wandergrounds is my virtual outlet in this world full of uncertainties. If I had to wander every place in this world, to traverse on high or low grounds just to find that kind of happiness and fulfillment, then I would do so – with no hesitations.

I’m a 20-something Filipina living in Canada. I’m a ‘tita’ of two, a Filipino term that means aunt in English. They are Kuya, a Filipino term for eldest brother, and Lolong, coined from an Ilokano (one of the major dialects in Philippines) word ‘Balong’, which means youngest son.

This is a personal blog that will showcase the joys and wonders of aunt-hood, our relationship milestones, and some of my other interests that pertain to cooking, traveling, and watching drama series (tons of them) among anything else.

An adventurer and a dreamer – I’m Tita and welcome to Wandergrounds!