The rare times where I ever get to turn on the TV is for me to tune in on Chopped on Food Network, or if I’m lucky, HGTV shows such as Love it or List It and Masters of Flip. For almost 90% of my allocated leisure time, I’m in my room binging on drama series or Netflix.

A perfect Sunday night is binge-watching with Sour Cream n’ Onion flavored Lays on my side.

I have always thought how I can incorporate this past time of mine on Wandergrounds. A friend of mine opened up the idea which only bothered me more. The problem was – I was so worried that I’ll just be confusing my supposed-to-be blog niche.  But then… I realized…

Niche, you say? What was my niche, in the first place? haha. And so, I just went on with my initial idea, revamped Wandergrounds, and created a page solely for my personal reviews on shows I have watched.


I like Asian dramas – Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese, and my personal favorite – Korean dramas. Yes, I’m a Filipino but I guess I won’t be seeing other great Pinoy dramas such as Encantadia (the original series) or Mulawin anytime soon. Sad to say, Pinoy dramas are  recycling plots lately, which is getting kind of — mehhhh. 

With most Kdramas, I can see how the whole production theme really worked hard to offer an original story among its viewers. Also, the biggest element I appreciate the most on their shows is how they are able to advertise their rich culture on television. Seriously, every Kdrama I watch only makes me want to go and visit their country. Ahhh… someday!

Aside from the lead actors and a brief plot summary, I have seen the importance of personal reviews (from fellow drama addicts) as a deciding factor should I want to pursue watching a particular drama. You see, I also have to consider the time I’ll be investing in it so I won’t end up with the unworthy and boring ones. *wink*

Btw, I don’t do recaps of the shows.

As a personal rule, I let the drama finish airing (locally) first before tuning on it. I easily get hooked, and so, I had to make sure I won’t end up tossing and turning on my bed thinking how the story will unfold the next time it airs (talking about self-control… haha!). 

If you’re curious, Gooddrama and  Dramalove are some of the online sites I go with. I have also tried  DramaFever and  Vikii but encountered constant crashing of such apps, so I just revert back to the ad-full streaming sites.  Youtube also has some of the dramas available, but is usually taken down by networks (after an ample amount of time) due to copyright issues.

TV Shows

Well, this is how Americans usually say it – so I’m just adapting it. This section will review American TV series that are mostly available in Netflix.

Binge-watching has always been my source of fun ever since college days. My roommates and I had no TV in our place then, so you can imagine us sitting in front of our laptops the whole day. Would you believe me if I say I spent 1-week straight lying (mostly) on my bed just to finish a 129-episode (1 hour/episode) Kdrama series before? Crazy, right?

I certainly cannot remember how many drama series I have watched in my lifetime. I used to keep track of it once but forgot to in the long run. And so, I’m trying my best to review the shows I just finished and if lucky, write down reviews on shows that I watched (and still remember) from before.

I’m just really excited for this page! I’m quite confident I’ll have so many things to share and write about when it comes to sharing my personal take on such shows. And so fellow wanderers, tune into my own reviews here in Wandergrounds!