If you were to ask who my inspiration is when it comes to cooking – it’s no other than – *drum roll please* – my mom.  If there’s one thing that reminds me of her the most- it would be her passion in cooking. She was at her best and most peaceful when she was busy switching pans, turning on the mixer, or beating that egg white until it gets fluffy.

And so, this section attempts to explore my cooking prowess. I may or may not have it with me, but at least I’m trying. Anyway, here are some of the recipes I can brag about. hahaha 

Cheat Treats

Recipes for my little critters. You don’t know how happy I get whenever they eat my goodies and actually finish it. It’s quite a challenge at first – to the point where some force is needed so they will actually try it. haha.  Don’t worry – all recipes here are kid-friendly.

Healthy Living

Recipes for the young at heart *cough cough* and (sometimes) for Kuya and Lolong as well. I’m really running out of words, so yes, recipes here are basically the healthy stuff. haha

My interest in cooking doesn’t even come close to what Mama used to do. From appetizers to desserts, Mama nailed it every time. I really don’t know how she did it. Perhaps because she just made wonders in the kitchen.